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Human Resources Policies


In today’s enviroment, we know the main element that make difference is human resources, to attract the qualified human resources to our company, to show the high performance and continuously development to be possible for our employees and increse the loyalty and productivity of our employees with improing human resources policies.
Why Us?
If you want to be a part of  to achieve many successes at home and abroad, was awarded prizes, at medecal sector, known to have quality products, costumere oriented,
If you want to take a part of professional and contemporary management aproach is dominated by a corporate structure,
If you want to work open and honest communication, an environment that supported new and creative ideas,
If you are ready to continuous learning, while working to achieve continuous development and career,
ICF is the right place for your career.
Our Applications
Selection and Placement
Primarly, our employees are evaluated for new positions that required from goals and strategies. If the positions filled by external sources, we annouce through on career portals and our web site.
The applications that collected candidate pools, proper candidates who considerated by human resources call the meeting. The meeting conducts with related department manager and human resources authorized to evaluated the convenience to job with competency based interviewing techniques. As a result of evaluation we bid the proper candidates and inform the other candidates about the results.
Performance Management
To achieve for continuously improve our company and our employees, the  performances are measured by a set of criteria. Target of our employees is determined the year beginning, it correlatively with company targets and target based performance is measured through the system twicwe a year. After the performance evaluations, we prepare individual development plans for employees, those obtained data is used ofr career planning, training and wage.
Career Planning and Talent Management
Every employee is possible to change the horizontal and vertical career. After the perfprmance reviews, created individuals development plans show us the employees career goals and what to do for achieve these goals  is determined. In this respect, developed the necessary perfections and high performing employees’ given different authorities according to needs in company.
Training and Development Management
Training is seen as never ending process and a part of life in our company. Orientation  begins with the training prosess and sustained continued, for  both to be more successful the employees at current task and provide individual development. Contribution of training is determined to employees and business results. Every kind of tutoria and developer participation is supported in our company. Our company has all kind of physical element to support training of  employees with nine training and meeting rooms, different size and you can reach all kind of resources in our moders library.