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The Experience from 1974


              ICF’s first coal cooker was produced in Eskisehir in 1974. Today, the company draws on its 37 years of experience in the industry to manufacture and market cookers and a range of other contemporary and stylish products designed to make built-in kitchen appliances tasks easier.
               During its early days as a market player, ICF perfected its range of heating appliances to earn the brand its reputation as a quality manufacturer. After the sold of the company, invested in a modern built-in hobs factory, which now produces more than three hundered various types. 
              In 2003, the company added built-in ovens and in 2011 also added built-in dishwashers to its appliance range. Together with dishwasher range having added into line, ICF became one of the modern built-in appliances factories in Europe. ICF's product porfolio currently includes innovatives, electronically programmed built-in ovens and dishwashers range.
                  ICF Kitchen Appliances produced in Eskisehir are now very well known throughout the European markets. Over 50% of the company’s production is currently exported, and its plans for the next few years are expected to generate further growth in export sales. The Eastern European market, where its share of exports has experienced dynamic growth, is a very important investment area for ICF. 
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